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    CCTV- discovery channel launched in 2005, is the first channel of human geography, but also leading to explore the humanities, sciences Secret, Tourism Geography program consisting mainly of professional channels; channel aims to provide viewers with a wide range of high-quality original fine documentary, covering science, nature, history, culture, military, exploration and other fields, will bring millions of visitors a unique entertainment experience, the true story of twists and turns dizzying suspense of the audience.

    Discover Central Digital Television Media Co., Ltd. (referred to as "the number of media") one channel. CCTV- discovery channel to "discover the world, self-discovery" as the core positioning to the program as the core content of human geography, middle-aged Kochi groups as the main audience, closely linked to the "discovery" perspective advocated by the history, culture and Natural personal inner dialogue to achieve new discoveries.

    CCTV- discovery channel has full access to the country 31 provincial radio and television cable network, landing more than 230 cities, covering digital cable TV subscribers over 160 million, more than 480 million people.

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