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CCTV13  news channel

CCTV13 news channel

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CCTV13 news channel Introduction

CCTV13 news channel CN China is belong to China Central Television tv station.

cctv13 news channel is the news channel of China Central Television, broadcasts 24-hour news reports, as well current affairs programmes throughout the day. News reports cover domestic and international events. The channel broadcasts exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. Viewers from across the Greater China region and that of the Chinese diaspora can watch the channel via satellite. broadcasting across the People's Republic of China since 2003 and with competition is Phoenix InfoNews Channel and CNC Chinese.

CCTV13 News Channel provides live online TV listings and trailers and other services, CCTV news channel broadcast 24 hours a day, the classifications are arranged news, mainly finance, sports, culture, international programs into four categories . Special programs include a variety of news channels news program form the background, news commentary, investigative journalism, public opinion, public opinion polls, the rule of law.

After the CCTV news channel to offer viewers the fastest first-hand domestic and international news, highlighting the timeliness and amount of information to achieve scrolling, progressive, newer whole point of news coverage, the classifications are arranged news.

CCTV News Channel broadcast daily episodes have three: "global vision", "News 1 + 1", "rule of law online"; weekly episodes have aired 4: "News Investigation", "face to face" "Newsweek", "World Weekly."

CCTV13 news channel belong's China Central Television, China Central Television official website is
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