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CCTV9  International Documentary

CCTV9 International Documentary

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CCTV9 International Documentary Introduction

CCTV9 International Documentary CN China is belong to China Central Television tv station.

CCTV9 Documentary Channel is a channel of videos of TV series on culture, religion, arts,geography and history of different places。

CCTV Documentary Channel, the first dedicated documentary channel with worldwide coverage in China. Build China’s cultural brand and enhance the international competitiveness of cultural industry.  Establish the image of China internationally and increase the country’s influence.

CCTV Documentary Channel will display the unique value of documentaries in authentically showcasing the history and the reality, and will endeavor to tell Chinese stories and transmit Chinese speech on the global cultural horizon; with vivid visual language and international broadcast voice, it intends to overcome cultural barriers and win the universal psychological identification and emotional resonance of the global audience.

Lead mainstream social values

Adhere to national culture inheritance and self reliance and fulfill the responsibility of State media.

CCTV Documentary Channel will exert all efforts to become a specialized channel with the greatest brand influence in China, ranking as one of the mainstream documentary channels in the world. As a newly launched channel by CCTV, Documentary Channel will highlight CCTV quality by its uniqueness and depth, enhancing the core competitiveness and international existence of the CCTV brand.

CCTV Documentary Channel, The window showcasing outstanding documentaries with international operation and standards. Engine for growth in documentary industry, setting up exemplary standards.

CCTV Documentary Channel is going to open up its broadcast platform, integrate well-performing resources in the Chinese documentary industry, establish industrial standards(including standards on subject selection, form, technique and pricing), and gradually shape a unified, open and orderly documentary market, with a view to laying a solid foundation for industrial operation of this line.

The Channel will establish the new documentary producing and marketing entities to form an industry chain within the innovative regime separating production and broadcasting management; Mainly by purchase, consigned production and joint production, an innovative operational mode will be invented to transform the resource advantages of Chinese documentaries into industrial advantages, obtaining real access to the international market for Chinese documentaries.

The best teams in CCTV on documentary production

The best talents in China in China on documentary production. The best partners for international first class documentary production bodies.

CCTV's best documentary production teams make up the core of CCTV documentary Channel. In recent years, they have successfully launched; Forbidden City, Rediscovering the Yangtze River, The Rise of the Great Nations, Forest China, The Ten Years of Hong Kong, The Ten Years of Macau, Dunhuang, The Power of Corporations and Summer Palace.

In pursuit of high quality, high standard and high level, Documentary Channel will mobilize documentary teams across the country and vigorously foster new generations of professional talents; it will establish long-term and diversified communication and cooperation with global institutions on TV documentary production and broadcast, and yield world class and professional documentaries with professional teams.

Channel Content and Time Table

4 Categories, 6 Main Time Slots, 24 Hours On.

CCTV Documentary mainly covers the 4 categories: nature, history and humanities, society, and historical files. Time schedule structured according to international practice with different time slots allocated to specific program targeted at specific audience. Different programs will be broadcast with themes in series and vary with season to capitalize on scale.

International Edition 1st Run: 20:00-23:00 Everyday (BJ Time)

CCTV Documentary Channel timetable will alter with 30min and 60min programs with 6 main themes.


CCTV Documentary Channel will have two editions,Chinese Edition(domestic edition0 and English Editon(International edition), to be broadcast separately and reach maximum coverage.

The domestic edition will cover the whole China and reach Asia Pacific via satellite with bundled coverage with CCTV 3,5, 6,8, News Channel and Youth Channel to reach 900 million people.

The international edition will cover overseas viewers with satellite global coverage together with CCTV Chinese international, CCTV English and News and other 3 Satellites with multi-lingual coverage, 6 Platforms Landing Europe, Asia and America.

The launch of CCTV Documentary Channel will establish a multi-channel, multi-lingual, multi-dimensional landscape in Chinese TV international program.

CCTV9 Documentary Channel web site

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