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FTV News Channel 民视新闻台FTV

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FTV News Channel Introduction

FTV News Channel Taiwan HKTWMC is belong to Formosa Television tv station.

FTV News is Formosa TV's news channel. On May 5, 1997 launch, launch time is earlier than FTV radio station.

From May 2014, FTV News can watch in YouTube; since August (or even earlier) that is 16: 9 glossy production and broadcast news footage [4], December 29, the official output high-definition signals, but only shed studio and mirror in 16: 9 HD production, news and part of the program (FTV dissenting Church, Taiwan Kingdoms challenges news, etc.) remained 4: 3 standard definition of the practice, and also offers YouTube to watch online. December 31, introduced in the digital cable television system changed to high-definition (HD) broadcast, and wireless digital channel bandwidth, because the relationship can not provide high-definition (HD) broadcast signal, the current 16: 9 standard (SD) standard definition signal broadcast.

From May 23, 2015, with news and news program gradually to 16: 9 full HD production version, and update the news section opening animation period.


FTV News Channel belong's Formosa Television, Formosa Television official website is
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