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1. The program can not be played? Playback window blank? Black? The upper left corner there is a small square of color?

Solution: First, should confirm whether their computer to install the latest FLASH player plug-in, the latest version (9.0.115),Click to check whether your computer installed FLASH plug-in,If the page shows the FLASH version of your 9.XXXX, you can jump directly to the question 2 to check .If the prompt is not installed,Click download,Here is the diagram:

Important: After installing the Flash Player, you need to close all browser windows, re-open the browser before normal watch video.
Recommendation: Please use IE (IE6, IE7, TT, Maxthon, GreenBrowser, TheWorld available) to access the site. FIREFOX (Firefox) browser will be unable to access the part of the Youku video.

2. Install the FLASH plug successor can not watch?

It is strongly recommended that you will IE browser's security level tune into "intermediate", IE6 under the security level to High will not view the video, the following diagram:

If you do not want the browser's security level down, we recommend that you modify some settings, the "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" was changed to enable, the following diagram:

Bilingual problem? With a video which can simultaneously hear the voice of two kinds of languages.

Specific adjustment steps: "Start Menu" - "Control Panel" - "Volume and Audio Devices" - "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices" - "Sounds and Audio Devices" - "Advanced", and then pull the balance bar volume control to which side, it is not what you want to hear the pronunciation, if not, then pulled on the other side, the following diagram:

4. does not play smoothly? Broadcast to stuck half way? After some videos pop stuck recommend?

Play is not smooth solution

  1. While watching a video site, try to turn off BT, Thunder, network television and other processes, can significantly improve Watch video fluency;
  2. If the program does not put a stop to see half of the past, the most effective solution is: IE Browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> click on the "Delete Files" button, then close the browser, re-open, with the following detailed illustrations:

Part ADSL Internet users and share viewership site video card in the network will peak hours, we recommend the following two tips:  

  1. If this part of the video card appears, you can pause for a moment, and then let the buffer play;
  2. Open the page in advance of the next episode, after playing press pause (do not close), let the buffer, so read this set can be very smooth to see the next episode

5. Unable anthology, appear to the right in the Synopsis are prompt "Important: If you see this, it indicates that your browser does not support scripting or Javascript is disabled, there will be no way to fully use the site features, such as: Can not see the drama anthology entry site search function can not be used, etc. Please enable Javascript or use the scripting capabilities support Javascrijpt script browsers. "

Please adjust the security level of the IE browser is "intermediate" if you do not want the browser's security level down, we recommend that you modify some settings in the following diagram:

6.Players upper left corner there is a small white cross, 360 repair Flash vulnerabilities caused not watch online video solutions


  1.Download Microsoft subinacl.msi



   Download reset_minimal


  After unpacking, copy reset_minimal to C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\directory (that is, the first step in the installation directory of the software), perform reset_minimal, do not use a computer to perform, after the implementation of prompt " press any key to exit. "

   3.Download flashplayer unloader


  Perform uninstall

   4.Download flashplayer10



If you look at the above questions and the illustrations are still unable to solve the case,You can post this message to us to get more help.

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